Monthly courses created by Devin to help take your game to a new level. Each course will only have 100 spots available. Each course has been carefully curated to bring you a unique experience, allowing you to learn quickly and efficiently. Courses will come with step by step video breakdowns, explanations and live webinars with Devin Williams.

The first program teaches you how to master the “Sub-Zero” more commonly known as the Hesi, one of the many moves mastered by Devin. You will be given access to 5 videos in total, all helping you to fully understand the move and keep growing as a basketball player. A live webinar hosted by Devin will happen in the month of February also and is exclusive to the students of this course. Within the webinar you will be able to talk with Devin live, ask questions, watch real game film and more.

Please keep in mind this is available to the first “100” people that make the purchase and will be closed after that to allow for a more personal experience.

Sub-Zero Tutorial
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Sub-Zero Tutorial
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