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Jerica is in town....uh oh.... I can't even front, I hate talking to her. Not because she's a bad person...she's actually dope. Jerica is my publicist who wears more hats than the publicist title. NORMALLY when I talk to her it's about business, and when people start talking business, my head begins spinning. 


I know, it's dumb because I'm trying to build in the lab into a business...but man...I had no clue all this went into it. Trademarking, accounting, tax filing , all that crap. I didn't go to school for this so I don't pretend to know it all.

But if nothing else, growing up playing streetball taught me how to build a team. I need a rebounder, some shooters, a defender, and none of them better be soft/selfish or they get swapped out real quick.

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If I can get everyone to play a specific role, the team progresses faster, instead of me trying to do everything....something I tried to do for years. 

But jerica isn't the only one who keeps this moving from a business standpoint


Navin owned his own creative agency when he was 17 and sold it by the time he was 22. Marketing, graphic design....the business had all of that. He's a hustler. There isn't a day that goes by where he isn't trying to find a way to grow ITL. But it doesn't stop there..

Before Cornell was "@thesportsphysicist ", he was selling digital media in high school (2004). Looking for a ring tone? games on your phone? Wallpaper? He sold all of that. And this was back before iPhones were around. We're talking those boost mobile "where you at" walkie talkie phones.

After that, he owned his own recycling company while at the same time tapping into real estate. Oh, I forgot, He graduated majoring in physics. I bet you would've never guessed that about him.

Me? I was a network marketer in college. Aka  a pyramid schemer. Yup, that's me. When I got hurt at Fresno state, I wanted to start making money. It was sell drugs or work for light year alliance. lol I was coo off slangin.



This was my line while posted outside at college while the students passed by.

Hey, do you like money? or are you coo with just being broke?

Ok coo, well I'm having a meeting later about how to stack money and start your own business. (Pulls wad of money out of pocket) 

"Nothing illegal.. so come through if you’re trying to make money."

They'd always ask, "what do I have to do?" 

I'd say,

 "Gotta go, I'm late for class. Come through if you can though.”

Worked everytime.

The meeting was set up at a hotel. I'd rent out a conference room and I'd show up fashionably late in my 1987 Mercedes benz. Once I got there the room was full of 50 people.


My job was to show them a power point presentation of how I made money by getting people to buy plans with at&t, t-mobile, sprint, etc. I also would sell satellite tv. 

My selling point is that whatever you pay right now, I'll cut that in half....Worked almost every time.

How I got people to buy in? The idea of residual income. Make money while you're sleep.

Here's the deal, by the end of the meeting I'd tell everybody that the only way you can get started is to pay me 300 dollars right now. Only 25 percent of the people in the room would stay and the others would leave, thinking I was cheating them out  of their money. Little did they know, I'd make 150 dollars out of that 300. And every person that the person under me signed up, I'd get a percent of that too. And each time somebody paid their phone or tv bill...we would all make money.

In a few months, I low key became a  king pin of multi level marketing, with hundreds of clients under me before the whole company crashed.

How all of this turned into in the lab...your guess is as good as mine. It was lucky. But now that we’re here, it's time to lock in and make this thing legit. 

I believe we're here to stay and so does my team. And as long as I got you guys supporting me, things will only go up from here. 



-Devin (@ten000hours)




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