Reinvent The Wheel

We’re finally at the point where we can all travel together. It’s kind of the dream, right? Start your own business, build it with your friends, work when you want to, and travel the world.

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Right now we're in Edmonton. 5 bed room house, chillin’ in the backyard, sippin on beers while the ideas are flowing faster than we can spit them out. Ideas about how to make this whole IN THE LAB business really pop. Text message is coo’, phone calls work, but its something about when we meet up and talk business in person…I don’t know…we just get things done way quicker.


For Navin, Cornell, and myself, its our third official IN THE LAB camp….well you know them as camps,  we call it an experience. We know what we’re doing is special because we’ve never seen anything like it before.  Ive been all over, sat in on training sessions, watched them on youtube, participated in other camps, and I’ve really never seen anything similar to what we’ve built. And if you don’t want to take my word, ask some of the kids that have been.


But I ain’t trying to touch too much on the training, we’re here for a totally different reason..

 They say that, “no one’s reinventing the wheel” right?……lol…..we beg to differ. We’re looking to do something much bigger than what’s thought of as “training”. 


The “CAMP” we’re having in Edmonton was an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. We came here to talk business. 

If all this goes according to plan….we will never forget this exact moment.




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