Dude with the Camera


I remember going to basketball games in high school when I was either watching or playing and I would see this dude with a camera. Actually, a lot of us saw the dude with the camera. “Yay Area’s Finest is in the building.” 

Watching those Ball is Life and Yay Area’s Finest mixtapes was just part of what my friends and I did pretty much on a daily basis. It was always dope to see the guy filming it and watch it all happen. This time around, high school basketball season kicked off awhile ago, so I went to shoot my first game of the season for Riordan (my Alma Mater) vs Lick Wilmerding. 

I showed up to the game in my In The Lab Clockwork Hoodie and Joggers and so did the dude with the camera. It’s really crazy how things just come full circle. As we were walking around the gym, I heard people saying things like “IN THE LAAAB!” and “Okay 10,000 Hours!” while also having kids come up and give fist bumps and high fives. 

Shout out to George Nguyen, the dude with the camera. It's a blessing to work side by side. Maybe one day I’ll be the dude with the camera too. 

- Jsquared




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