Coconuts n' Tingz

What's up y'all, me & Dev just got back from our trip to Hong Kong & Thailand and if you guys follow us and see our IG stories & snaps you know that we love food. It's one of our favourite parts about traveling the world, trying the different cuisines and flavours each country has to offer. We plan on documenting it better on our next trips and including some videos too, but for now we'll rock out with this blog.


Two words....Fresh Coconuts.

Now look if you're reading this and you haven't had a chance to enjoy a freshly cracked coconut thats chilled, then I'm praying for you. This is something you need to experience and if you're a coconut hater it may be best to skip the first part of this blog. 


Lets kick it off with the jelly, if you get a good coconut then its gonna be soft and come right out with a spoon. It gets to the point where it feels like your a little kid digging for treasure. The actual juice inside is on another level down in Thailand, its not even comparable to buying something from a can back home. Its cold, sweet, quenches your thirst and it easily was mine & Dev's favourite thing about the entire trip. 

Simple math would be 7 days at 2 coconuts per day for each of us, means we racked out with 28 coconuts in total....this shit may be an addiciton the more I think about it.

But anyways thats enough about that, lets get into the real stuff. 

First up, Pad Thai

I'm gonna go ahead and just assume Thailand is known around the world for Pad Thai. Basically Pad Thai is made with rice noodles, which are stir-fried with eggs and chopped tofu, flavoured with tamarind pulp, fish sauce, garlic, red chili pepper, served with lime wedges & chopped roasted peanuts.  What's really dope is this one restaurant me & dev always goes to makes it by wrapping it into a fried egg (check the pic above). It's a classic for us on our trips to Thailand and that's never going to change. 

Next up we got spring rolls, and don't get it twisted because this is a staple in our meals. We order spring rolls at every meal we have for important reasons though. We gotta make sure we quality check them you know for the people coming after us, we wouldn't want them to have bad spring rolls or anything. We also wanted to do our part as good people and make sure the spring rolls at every restaurant were up to par. When it comes to spring rolls there is 3 main things and thats crispiness, what's inside and the dipping sauce. You never wanna have a burnt spring roll, so having that golden brown texture on the outside is a major key. Almost every restaurant had a different recipe for the inside, some were vegetarian, some had shrimp and one glorious set of rolls had crab inside.....Yes it was BODY. Lastly, the sauce is hella important because I mean its getting dipped in there. Some places use a basic sweet chili sauce and others mix it up with plum sauce. Our all time favourite sauce though comes with these babies pictured above, these are called GOLDEN BAGS and are straight money. The sauce they come with is a sweet mixture of plum sauce and real honey. (insert fire emoji here) 


This is it....the best dessert you can get in Thailand without a doubt. They call this beautiful piece of art a Thai Pancake. The insides of this one are filled with warm nutella and chopped up bananas, its literally perfection. Every year we go there has been a lady on the same corner in the city of Phukett that we order these from. Every year for 3 years in a row this lady dropped 30 on our head and threw in 10 boards and 14 dimes to go a long with it. She absolutely threw down and killed it once again, for some reason I can't find the videos of this being made so thats my bad but I know some of you saw the IG stories me & D posted about it so you got a little glimpse.

Long story short the food we had was legit and I encourage you guys to travel the world when you have the opportunity. On top of all the good food theres some amazing scenery and even better people to meet. 

Alright y'all keep it real, until next time this is your favourite brown guy signing off. 

- Navin (@navinitl)



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